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Dining Out in Chicago - LYFE Kitchen

LYFE Kitchen Love Your Food Everyday
Art's Unfried Chick'n - LYFE Kitchen Brussels Sprouts
Art's Unfried Chick'n - LYFE Kitchen

I visited Chicago on a last minute trip for work this month and unlike my usual trips, for work or pleasure, I tend to research vegan spots beforehand. I didn't have much time to plan for this one, but I still found a couple places I was interested in mainly for the convenience of where I was for the evening. LYFE Kitchen happened to be next to the bar I was going to and although I could have and did have enough appetizers to count as dinner, I still walked over after for a full vegan meal. The interior of LYFE - Love Your Food Everday - is modern, trendy, and clean. It's quick and casual dining, but you can certainly sit and enjoy your meal here and pick from vegan, gluten-free or non-vegan menu items, which span from smoothies, salads, breakfast entrees, vegetable sides, desserts and a kid's menu. I didn't realize until later that this restaurant is a chain with additional locations in Texas, Colorado, and California. It's not an all-vegan eatery, but reminds me of Veggie Grill from the coloring of it's logo and menu to it's use of Gardein and Daiya to turn things vegan while maintaining the flavor.

*Pardon the photos on this post - Had to use my iPhone to get these shots!
Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie - LYFE Kitchen Chicago Veega
Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie - LYFE Kitchen

Going off of Yelp reviews, as I usually do, I ordered Art's Unfried Chicken (or Chick'n for vegans) served with roasted brussels sprouts, butternut squash and dried cranberries served with a cashew cream dijon vinaigrette. I really enjoyed this dish. The breaded Gardein patty was crispy and yummy and the sauce served with it was amazing.

When presented with the option, I have to get dessert, so I brought home a chocolate chip cookie. It was hands down the best vegan chocolate chip I've ever had. Even after two years of knowing vegan food can be as good, if not better than non-vegan versions, I questioned if it was really vegan because of how buttery it tasted. Thankfully all of the desserts listed on the menu were vegan. 

A pro and con of their menu is that they list out calorie count and sodium - I appreciate it for the most part, but sometimes ignorance makes the food taste better! They have an eco-friendly focus and the interior space even looks and feels that way. For takeout, the food was packaged in compostable containers. They also offer catering and the option to order online.

If there was a LYFE Kitchen near me in New York City I would frequent it. The prices were very reasonable and the food seemed healthier than some vegan fast food spots in city. 

Compostable Takeout Container

LYFE Kitchen
413 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60654

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  1. I recently visited LYFE Kitchen and was greatly moved by eco-friendly approach. The prices were affordable and they have many vegan dishes available. I really loved the dinner.


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