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Dining Out in Boston - Life Alive

Veega Life Alive

Avocado Salad Vegan
Green Goddess - Life Alive

I don't know why it took me so long to try Life Alive, but I'm so glad I did. It has a surprisingly high number of Yelp reviews for a vegan place (440!), that's likely due to its proximity to colleges (hello, Harvard) and the more liberal, hipster population in Cambridge, MA.

Waiting in line to order...

The staff busy at work making smoothies
There were a few things about the dining experience that turned me off, but based on the food I would go back in a heartbeat, and contemplated doing so the day after I went! I did actually go back within a week. I really wish this was closer to me so I could have it everyday for lunch or dinner. I went with my parents on a Friday night and it was packed. What's so good about it? Fresh (almost raw), delicious, quick vegan food and drinks at a reasonable price! What I didn't like, which I can probably get accustomed to, was the unique dining atmosphere. The decor and staff fit with its earthy, hippie, crunchy-granola vibe. Seating is limited, but there are a few tables upstairs and some shared tables, "cubbies", and benches downstairs, which reminded me of a basement set in the 1970s. You wait in line, which unfortunately takes about 10-15 minutes, to place your order, cafeteria style, but luckily there is entertainment for the wait - the staff prepares smoothies and juices non-stop at high speed, grabbing fresh ingredients from a huge cooler. You are given a number to display on your table and your order is then brought to you when ready. 

I ordered a demi (or half) size of the Mystic Mountain salad - mesculin greens, corn, carrots, beets, cucumber, sprouts, granny smith apples, cashews, lemon-garlic hummus with lemon vinaigrette. This was far from a boring salad, and delicious! For my entree I got the Green Goddess dish based on high reviews, it comes with dark greens, broccoli, tofu, sprouts, avocado, and brown rice covered in a ginger sauce with flax oil and garlic. Yum! I couldn't help but order a smoothie from their delicious selection, it was a very difficult choice. I tried the Carrot Cake Alive smoothie - hemp protein, carrots, banana, cinnamon, ice cream and rice milk. The ice cream is coconut-milk based and actually comes from my favorite local vegan ice cream place, FoMu! When I went back the second time I ordered the same salad, but also tried the Goddess (their signature dish) with carrots, beets, broccoli, dark greens, tofu, short-grain brown rice, and ginger sauce. I loved all of my meals!

Veega Salad Vegan
Mystic Mountain Salad - Life Alive

Life Alive Menu

Life Alive Cambridge
Goddess (To-Go) - Life Alive

Life Alive
765 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

Also located in Lowell, MA & Salem, MA. 

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