Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dining Out in Boston - Fiore's Bakery

Vegan Bakery JP
Fiore's Bakery in Jamaica Plain, MA

Vegan Sandwich Menu at Fiore's Bakery
I finally got to try Fiore's Bakery in Jamaica Plain and I am so glad I did! I had an outstanding meal, including one of my pre-vegan faves - sandwiches. This place has been in the back of my mind for a while now, knowing that it offers up a wider variety of vegan options compared to most Boston-area restaurants, including breakfast and lunch sandwiches and baked goods. They also have a regular menu for non-vegans, which worked out well for my boyfriend who enjoyed a turkey sandwich called The Monument. It's earned great Yelp reviews, too.

I went on a Sunday afternoon for a late lunch. Thankfully it wasn't too crowded, but the supply of baked goods had gotten low. I ordered the Italian Maki, don't let the name fool you, we're not talking sushi here. It's a panini sandwich with fried breaded eggplant, caramelized onions, sprouts, avocado, pesto, and spicy veganaise. I was in food heaven while eating it. All the flavors worked so well together. The toasted bread and eggplant had a nice crunch. The avocado and veganaise, which was very mild, were a smooth, creamy complement. 

Italian Maki Fiore's Bakery
Italian Maki - Fiore's Bakery

Ginger Molasses Cookie Fiore's Bakery
Ginger Molasses Cookie - Fiore's Bakery 
Since Fiore's is a bakery after all I had to order something for dessert. I went for a Ginger Molasses Cookie based on the staff's recommendation. It was chewy, spicy, and yummy, though not fresh out of the oven. A meal for two, with coffee and a dessert came to $20. I cannot wait to go back!

Fiore's Bakery Cupcakes
Vegan Cupcakes, Maybe Next Time..

Fiore's Bakery
55 South Street

Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Unfortunately no website! 
Check out their Facebook Page

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